Wednesday, January 30, 2008

D.Woods for March/April Issue of King Magazine

Go on D! Yall remember when she was Juanita when she first started on "Making the Band"? Haha! Well for this King Magazine cover i'm totally diggin' that she is fully dressed yet still sexy. She gets her own limited edition cover, the other cover is of her and the whole that's a good look for D. I've met D and she is a cool chick full of flava! She stands apart from the rest of the group to me. She's the kind of girl you would want to hang with and call a true friend. I'm gonna get to know her. But i am totally hating on her hair Anyway you know you can catch her and the other members of Danity Kane on this season of MTV's "Making the Band" where the girls and guys are battling and maybe lovin' a little in the house together (said in a French accent)!

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