Wednesday, April 23, 2008

AG Entertainment & Konvict Muzik Present- BU's birthday celebration at the Compound this Thursday night!

For some this is another reason to party on a Thursday. I have a final, and another event before that so I won't be there. But if ya wanted something to do, here you go and have fun. I know girls like to be around those men in the game with cash. I could care less and infact would stray far from such types but hell that's just where i stand. The Compound needs to brush up on their security by the way since less than a week ago (at the hip hop fashion show with Ashanti, Ray-J, who was accompanied by Whitney Houston...hmmm...eehehee, and Mario) there was a shooting of a young man. But I'm sure they are on it since the horrible event.

Later Bunnies!!!

The Juice ReportER

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