Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Obama looses Pennsylvania AND declines another debate with Clinton...good look on that one Obama.

Hillary on the attack. Darling...I think it's time for you to close your mouth a little with the dirt throw-up coming out of it.

Predictably, Obama lost the Pennsylvania primary. But we already knew he would. While the win infuses Clinton’s redlining campaign with much needed cash, it does nothing for her chances overall. She still has no hope of beating Barack Obama in August unless there is foul play involved.

Obama’s camp realizes that and has decided not to play footsies with Clinton anymore. Obama turned down an offer from CBS to debate Clinton on Sunday after “60 Minutes.” Clinton sorely needs this debate to push forward her hateful agenda, but Obama doesn’t need it. The Democratic nomination is already in the bag.

Obama spokesman Dan Leistikow said this of Clinton’s chances of debating Obama: “Their attacks indicate they are really not looking for a debate, but any forum to continue their negative, throw-the-kitchen-sink campaign.”
The above views are from popular blogger, Sandra Rose. She has good insight on this situation in my opinion.

I myself say also that losing Pen should not matter. I am pulling faithfully still for Obama. And as far as the decline goes, let me tell you the man is not perfect, he is flawed but in his lack of perfection he has a decency and a humility about him that far outweighs Hillary's simple kindergarten tactics. Plus Obama has a great marriage (again i am not saying perfect) that is built on trust and respect unlike The Clinton's and that says something. Obama has class. Enough said by me.

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