Friday, April 4, 2008

Naomi Campbell arrested for spitting on a police officer!!

Getting your mouth ready to hawk a luggie Naomi??

Naomi Campbell was arrested yesterday at Heathrow Airport's Terminal for allegedly spitting on a police officer!!

Ugh Naomi! Not the Pumpkin from Flava of Love spit?! It woulda been better for you to do a Zsa Zsa Gabore (don't you just looooooooove that name?!) on him gurl!

I wonder what he (the "nice and perfect" mr. police officer man) did to the fine diva? Or did she just wake up on the wrong side of the toilet this morning? Okay okay i kid i kid...but maybe i don't...who knows what's really going on with some of these HollyWeird folks. But honestly folks she is known to be mean and have a temper BUT 'ol dude may have been pushing her around a little. If she's innocent then I hope she gets cleared. But who knows and I'm already bored with the subject. Good luck Naomi!

p.s. maybe she really enjoys community service and a negative rep. :(

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  1. Naomi, Naomi, Naomi.... What's up with the spitting??? You know what I'm convinced that Naomi need to run up on a hood chick. Somebody need to set her straight and give her some act right for real. This is ridiculous.


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