Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Does Rob Lowe really have an issue touching girls??

He could use more of an upper lip...but he still looks good.

They used to say that the cherub faced boy was gay. Then Rob Lowe ended up in the media yeeeeeeeeeeears ago in the worst way for screwing around with an under-aged girl, on TAPE while in Atlanta, GA, A.K.A. Sodom and Gomorrah! Do yall remember that? Imagine that a no-no sex tape in the late 80's? Boy lucky for him there wasn't youtube back then. But the media still blew the current star of, "Brothers and Sisters" up. I just recall my dreams of becoming Mrs.Lowe being shattered for me not only cuz i wasn't a white chick but after i saw his pretty face on camera doing the nasty with a minor or two, i knew then that he and i, alas, just couldn't be. I passed on the Dear. John letter...good 'ol Robby boy knew what was up!

Well time heals most wounds and Lowe actually got married and had his own brood of children. Well for superstars children mean nannies. Well a certain nanny is saying that for years she was touched and sexually abused by Lowe but didn't say anything because she needed the job, loved the kids and thought that it would eventually changed. Okay so she never went to police? Hmmmm...i dunno. Smells like a scaaaaaaandaaaaaaaaaaal!

See what AP news reports:
In legal papers filed in Santa Barbara, Jessica Gibson says Lowe touched her inappropriately several times between September 2005 and January 2008.

Gibson worked for Rob and Sheryl Lowe on and off for seven years before quitting on Feb. 24.
"I always thought it would be different when I went back, but it was not," Gibson said in the suit. "I stayed as long as I did because of the children and because I needed a job."

Last week, Lowe sued three former employees, including Gibson. He said she demanded $1.5 million to remain silent about the abuse allegation, which his attorney dismissed as "outrageous" and "untrue." In that suit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, Lowe also accused another nanny of spreading lies about him.

Lowe's lawyer, Larry Stein, said Gibson never gave any indication she had a problem with Lowe during all the years she worked for him.

"She left at least two times, to pursue other jobs, and returned each time asking for more hours," Stein said. "She sent two e-mails the day after she left, both saying she loved the Lowes and her leaving had nothing to do with them but her heart wasn't into being a nanny anymore.

Does the broad want money? Is the story at least half true? What is the twist because you know there is one?! Well gather your thoughts on this one kids...poor Rob. Or poor wife. But he sure still looks pretty.

p.s. favorite Rob Lowe movie of all times? "About Last Night" with the young and then supple, Demi Moore. Well actually Demi's still got it too!


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  1. Rob Lowe is nasty we all know that but com'on now you know that nanny is trying to get paid! How in the hell do you "get sexually abused for 7 yrs and you are a grown AZZ woman. The nanny is broke and trying to get pizaid (the words of Snoop Dogg.


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