Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Will Cherish sell past gold with their new album, "The Truth"?

The young, Cherish, looking a little better and still keeping it in the family

Well the girls are set for a new album release of, "The Truth" on May 13th 2008. "The Truth" is about their lives. Well I'm not a hater but to answer the title question, I just don't think so. "Do it to it" was one of those super hits. The guys were leaning and rockin' so the ladies smartly bit off of that and did their song in a female tone letting Sean Paul rap. Big hit, but is that all there was to Cherish? If Capital records pushes them then maybe they have a chance. I heard one person said if the girls (sisters) drop their album before Ciara it would be best. Some just got it for longevity and some don't. I don't know if Cherish has that jenesequa to stand past two big hits.

The first single off the album, “Killa” featuring rapper Yung Joc, also appears on the Step Up 2 Soundtrack. The sisters shoot the video for their second single today in Atlanta. (info from

They are not great but they are not bad either. There is sooooooo much competition out there in music and movies so it’s rough. One/groups need to stay fresh and at times forget where they came from…which can be very sucky.

"We want to be taken as seriously as En Vogue, Sister Sledge, TLC and Destiny’s Child. We are here to stay.” Farrah of the group, 24. Well The Dream, as fabulous of a writer that he is has written a couple of the new album's tracks! Here some new music, including, "Killa" here! Scroll down when u click on the link to read an interview the girls did and then more to hear the music from playlist. I just love Imeem!

I do wish them major success and hope they pull it off and then some. They are cute and going for the dream! Can't knock this hustle.

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