Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Derek Blanks' "Alter Ego" art exhibit (T.I.'s first night on the town this year) event!

Tiny and Tip (his first official "Night on the Town" since the 2007 house arrest) Tip is also a client of Blanks

Friend, Cee-Lo Green and man of the man of the night, artist, Derek Blanks Nicole Garner (Garner Circle PR) and Derek Blanks
Janelle Monae is poised and beautiful all around (and she tells me by the way that she is NOT signed to Bad Boy but has her own label)
Camille McDonald (ANTM)
C-Rod(Grand Hustle/P$C)..."I'ma buy you a draaank!"
Big Kuntry (Grand Hustle)
Jazzspects performs
Mychael Knight
Friend and Bree (ANTM)
Dorian, my friend Shem, and Shavon (College Hill Atlanta) Rashaun Ali and Cristal Steverson

And now to the art...Amerie shows ontrol over the many sides of her personality
Mycheal Knight art "Alter Ego" piece
Akon "Alter Ego"
This Ciara "Alter Ego" photograph reminds me of a summer's dream
Kim Porter's "Alter Ego" is/stays fabulous
The Tasha Smith piece almost looks like a lovely painting. Incredible work by artist, Derek Blanks!

Derek Blanks is one of the most talented photographers of our era. Let me say that again, Derek Blanks is one of the most talented photographers of out era. What this man does with real life pictures, Picasso did with paint, and Prince does with the electric guitar. The man is an artistic genius whose portraits draw in the perfections of any face.

Last night I partied like a rock-star without liquor, drugs or self groupie action. Well let me stop I never do those things (okay okay maybe on Wednesdays...you got me!) but I just wanted that explanation to be used so those of you who didn't get a chance to attend Derek Blank's "Alter Ego" exhibit can get a clear visual of what the evening was like. It was fun without any need for extra "medications" if you will. The music was RIGHT and after that the audience grooved to the likes of Jazzspects, a funky jazz band. Much hotness.

Celebrities by the likes of: Monica, Cee-Lo Green (my secret crush), Mychael Knight, Janelle Monae (who is the most beautiful and sweet woman. She seems to emulate a pure and magnetic soul), Tasha Smith, Lisa Raye, Ciara, Kim Porter, and Akon adorned the walls of 595 North (on North Ave. in Atlanta) for this creative artistic display of alter ego personalities captured and dreamed by the eye of crafted photographer Blanks. The "Alter Ego" almost shows the pull between good and evil, light and dark, Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde, who I am before the public and who I am when no one is watching, and at times it just displays the many different personas to one being. Other celebrity clients include: T.I., Beyonce, Ludacris, and Usher.

T.I. who is a client of Blanks gave a surprise appearance and took a few pictures before graciously being left to gaze at the beauty that filled the studio with his adorable fiance Tiny. Tip was accompanied by Grand Hustle artists Big Kuntry and C-Rod. I have a short video above (to view video if you get this post via email or feed please log onto http://www.findentertainmentnow.blogspot.com/. Thanks!) of T.I.'s first night on the town since his arrest last fall here. I didn't want to be some stalkerazzi so the footage is short. T.I. is not able to interview at the present time. But look for him to be at certain events. Along with his community service he is not confined to his home but he does have to adhere to permissions and a strict curfew.

All celebrity guests who attended: Janelle Monae (a woman of light and heart) , Cee-Lo Green (oh how i love thee!), Tasha Smith, Tip, Bree (ANTM), Camille McDonald (ANTM), Cristal Steverson (Flava of Love/Charm School), Rashaun Ali (Hot 107.9 Atlanta), Big Kuntry, C-Rod, Tiny, Dorian (College Hill- ATL), Shavon (College Hill- ATL), Isreal Jacobs (College Hill- season 2) Mychael Knight, and Nicole Garner (a celebrity PR guru in her own right!).

I had a chance to speak to Camille McDonald from Cycle 2 of ANTM who has a new lingerie website. Please show her your support for http://www.lingerwear.com/. The pretty model was very pleasant and wants to express how she really is a kind person who is aiming to be a positive role model for your women. We all know how television can edit anything to make it look like a massacre for ratings sake. Along with her company Camille has been modeling over seas and in the U.S. for the past couple of years.

I ran into Cristal Steverson of Flava of Love and Charm School and found out that she is opening up a clothing boutique here in Atlanta this summer. The boutique is called, ME Boutique. Cristal's hair was very cute and she was very undiva like in her attitude and instead a real chill lady. I didn't like what I saw on television but again I have to remember that TV does not always make a person who they really are. Derek Blanks actually photographed Cristal with Ludacris some time ago.

April Love and Melanie Mitchell of Love Consulting you did such a wonderful job! Thank you for access.
And again Derek your artful talent is amazing. And all else i can say is..."Ooh mommy I want one!". I believe you will soar beyond your greatest mind's imagery if you continue to dare.

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  1. That is not mac boney

    I think thats AK. definately not mac boney.

  2. strike that, that might be CROD.....but again not mac boney.

  3. That's def not AK. But you are totally right, oops!! Thanks!

  4. Hey girl!!!

    Why you didn't say anything about Israel Jacobs (College Hill Season 2) being there! Girl he is too fine. When I seen his picture on Concrete Loop I almost passed out!

  5. yes you know what...i saw that cutie there but i didn't really know who he was for sure. but i kept bumping into him. you know when u see someone and can't quite put your finger on it of where you've seen them?!! it was like that. i'm not an avid college hill follower. since i live in ATL i kinda made it my point to know who the other kids were for this season.


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