Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Kanye and Alexis official break-up :(

Why i care about some celeb break-up i don't know. But i was a little saddened by the news last week that Kanye West and designer Alexis Phifer broke off their engagement. The rumors began when Alexis was seen at a fashion show sans her engagement bling. then she confirmed with People Magazine the real truth also revealing her sadness about the situation. Duh. But of course she's sad. Breaking up before the media can't be easy right?

It's weird because not too long ago (in a magazine interview) I recall him talking about them getting married soon. I recall him saying how much he loved her and how he found someone who was good for him. In pictures he always seemed to be so near her and happy to be at that! I wondered how they would fare after his mother's death and all the emotions that one goes through after that. Also after really listening to one of my very favorite songs of his, "Flashing Lights" I began to think that maybe he and Alexis had some problems with him getting caught doing her dirt and them going back and forth in the relationship. Maybe I analyze too much but Kanye seems to be real in his lyrics and talk about what he is going through in life. Also of that song he is quoted saying that the song was about everything going on in his life or should I say the video, which of course relates in its own way to the song.

Anyway I deem that our good 'ol lil rapper boy is just going through some stuff and still dealing with his he always is because dude is publicly emotional. I wish them the best and if it is meant to be, they will get back together. Breaks are not so bad if you need them. Get your head together Kanye.

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