Friday, April 18, 2008

Estelle dances the night away at Sa Bor Lounge after her Sugarhill concert

Estelle...Say, "cheese!"
I don't normally like to post pictures of myself on the blog BUT i'm breaking the rules today...Shem, Estelle, Tammy, Me, and Mecca at
Sa Bor Lounge after Estelle's concert at Sugarhill

Well the crowd wasn't big enough so the talented John Legend didn't show his pretty little face after his concert at Sugarhill last night BUT Estelle being the newbie and trooper that she is held up her end and came and rocked with us a little in VIP at Sa Bor Lounge's Bailey's, Mercedes Benz Buckhead sponsored event.

Estelle is your best friend, the cool chick next door with the flamin' brit accent, the no fuss girl who is real, the funky dresser who's style works over that super buff bod, the girl who likes to dance around as if she's the only one in the room...and i like her.

Sa Bor Lounge is pretty tight yall. It boasts of two levels, a balcony, a private room and has a very red light district meets soul suite vibe to it. Thursday nights are free allllllllllll night long baby. Have fun!

Sa Bor Lounge (near Phillips Arena)

150 Walton St.

Atlanta, GA 30303

Thank you to Bytuah Gonsahn of Iron Global, and Clay West of 5 Star Media for VIP access and a few pictures. Also thank you to David of Estelle's management team for setting up the future interview. I look forward to it and so do others...Estelle is gathering a cult following and is quickly becoming a pop icon (Vibe and Blender magazine) with her disco flavored, feel good "American Boy".

Jam a little, listen to Estelle's "American Boy" here! If you receive this post via email or feed please log onto to view the above video. Thanks!

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  1. I am really feeling Estelle. Her sound is original and she has alot of groove to her style. Great photos that were taken to capture the night.

  2. Miesha,

    I love Estelle and her genuine spirit. Thanks for keeping us above the cut!


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