Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Robert of Day 26 proposes to his ex girlfriend June Pettiford! Wow...

Outta nowhere...
Go on now Robert! (...i think)

Owwww...hand tats hurt right?!!
Already lookin' like an old married couple...awww. Honest i think they are meant to be. Some folks like a lil drama to keep it spicy and know that no one else will put up with their ish!!

Remember when Diddy was making or choosing the now famous boy band right? Well Robert and June were back and forth on the phone many nights arguing because she cheated on him. He was feeling a little sensitive and she was trippin'.

Then remember last season when he was trying to hit on D.Woods on national tv (MTV's Making the Band) and D turned his butt down like no cuz she saw his exes (June or his) myspace page where they had pictures of her and Robert and she was still calling him her "boo". Robert gets mad and tells D that they are no longer together, he barely ever checks myspace someone else does that for him, he is not the kind of dude to cheat, he was really feelin' D, blah, blah, blah. It was very passionate, emotional, and loud.

Present day. Robert: "Will you marry me June?!" I guess all is forgiven. Because Robert went down to Detroit and proposed to good 'ol June, and brought her presents. It is all over her facebook (which i have a love affair with!). Oh well. Overall i think Robert means well and is just a very touch feely kinda guy who is a bit misunderstood. He wears his emotions on his sleeve. The thing with him liking D is normal. D is pretty hot/very cool, he got a chance to be around her, him and his ex were maybe on the rocks, hey....it is what it is (i wonder if she woulda been with him sans the new found fame though...hmmm). And yall know that some of you out ther right NOW have taken a man back for humiliating you much worse!! Robert went down there and did his thing for his 'ol girl. So for the newly engaged couple, i hope they are happy. A HUGE congratulations, all jokes aside! I send love. I really, really, really like Day 26. I was able to get an interview with them a couple of months ago and truly enjoyed myself. Those boys got talent & heart i tell you!

Ahhh loooooooove! It seems like everybody wants it. Willie was recently married (although he keeps hush hush about it), Que is dating Dawn (cutesy!), And i guess Mike is just having fun receiving extra love. So it seems that even people in the high profile music industry want the real stuff. And these boys have just come from living normal lives so they are still living like semi-normal people. I just pray that he (Robert) will stay faithful to his new fiance, but not only cuz it's right but June looks like the kinda chick who will cuta brotha if he starts to stick and jab some hookah. And that's not a diss to her either. Watch yo back!

p.s. the plastic on the furniture is just a liiiiiiil hood-rich though! That's why i love these cats though. They are real! Real talk. I nominate Robert and June for the couple of the month. Woo hooo! Seriously...

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  1. Good ol' Robert proproses to Good ol' June. Boy I must say as much as they went back and forth I really thought it was over. You know as I sit here and type I am thinking to myself there is nobody and I mean nobody who is equipped to handle Robert like June would. So on that note I am going to say congrats to Robert and June God bless and goodnight!


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