Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A sad poem (by Lord Byron)

Okay I can be a bit of a "basket case" at times. Yeah so what. When i feel sad it feels like a rainy circus with drunken clowns in invading my heart. Messy and dumb. Well thank goodness it's been a while since I felt that way but I can recall a time or two (or 92) that I have. And this poem describes perfectly what i felt like in at least two of those occasions. It is sad but my favorite sad poem. And i am as happy as a bee on a rosebud right now but can still appreciate the wording, emotion and imagery that this poem creates. A tale of love once so strong, then so lost. Oh emotions are so great and powerful! Love, hate, sorrow. I just pray that the one that rules you the greatest is love.

When We Two Parted

When we two parted In silence and tears, Half broken-hearted To sever for years, Pale grew thy cheek and cold,Colder thy kiss; Truly that hour foretold Sorrow to this.
The dew of the morning Sank chill on my brow -It felt like the warning Of what I feel now. Thy vows are all broken, And light is thy fame:I hear thy name spoken, And share in its shame.
They name thee before me, A knell in mine ear;A shudder come o'er me -Why wert thou so dear? They know not I knew thee,Who knew thee too well: -Long, long shall I rue thee, Too deeply to tell.
In secret we met -In silence I grieve, That thy heart could forget,Thy spirit deceive. If I should meet thee After long years, How should I greet thee? -With silence and tears.
George Gordon Byron, Lord Byron

Go on now Lord B! Not to be confused with the Lord GOD! LOL!

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