Wednesday, April 16, 2008

John Legend and Estelle at Sa Bor restaurant and lounge this Thursday night at 10 pm!

After the concert as Sugarhill this Thursday, John Legend (ooooh he can saaaaaaaang!) and his artist from his label, Estelle ("American Boy") will be heading to Sa Bor (a Latin name) Restaurant and Lounge to meet and mingle (gosh so many new clubs poppin' up like acne in the A!). I am set up to talk to the two superstars so i can give you the dish. I'll update you best I can on Friday! Also earlier in the day Estelle will be at Atlantic Records in Atlanta to publicize herself of course! Oh i just love the Brits. I may fake an accent for a while so don't be alarmed. Though i'm pretty good actually...(giggle!)


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