Thursday, April 24, 2008

Is Jay-Z trippin' or just being human? (video)

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Jay-Z is just strolling down the street and paps of course are following him trying to get in his business. So he ignores them for a while and then finally says a rather rude thing to one of the rather rude followers. Is this wrong? I mean with fame comes such adoration and even downright stalking that the famed may start to loathe. Doesn't it come with the territory? If there were no fans, there would be no fame and without the fame no money and without the money no career right?

But isn't there a line that is drawn? A person, famous or not should be able to walk down the street, eat a meal, have a baby, drive in traffic, shop, or have a rough day, without having their everyday simple moves taped. He may seem kinda snooty in this video to most YET I actually can understand why J feels the way he does. Who wants someone in their face ALLLLLLLLLL the time checking to see if they have a booger or trying to make them share their personal issues?! I can see asking for a picture or two but otherwise give them a break unless it's an event, concert or planned appearance. What if it were you? And despite their wild popularity due to the world's celeb obsession, TMZ is bothersome and annoying as hell (and i only got this video visiting another website...not theirs, thanks!). Goooooooooolly! This media outlet has become rich by breathing down people necks and spreading rumors and i'm not jealous cuz it is straight punkish. That is NOT the business.


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  1. I think Jay is being human. I would seriously catch a case with TMZ for real yo. I'm saying there is a way to keep the public up on the latest with a star. Have an interview with them. Go to a public event where they are and snap some photos. Damn walking down the street getting into his car give me a break!


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