Tuesday, April 15, 2008

T-Pain be dippin' his hand in new koolaid!

T-Pain, his light skinned wife and the "other" woman? Huh?

So you have little dippers, normal, non industry dudes who are in heat, then you have big dippers, entertainment dudes who cheat on their wifeys' on a grand scale. Well T-Pain is a big dipper and he's "hot" right now so despite the fact that his looks are NOT the business he has no problems getting the business, ya dig? If you listen to his songs you already know. And yes he does write some of that garbage music/lyrics. Remember he claims he is "Teddy Pender-a$$"? Hey buys girls drinks in the club, he falls in love with bartenders and strippers all alike! Wooo hooo! Eeeyeah or uuuuuuh no if you are wise. Ladies get your own man okay. And fellas, control thyselves! I mean, ewww...(and by the way bunnies...all men do not behave in this scandalous cheating behavior okay. okay!)

So the story is that he dipped out with this rapper chick from good 'ol Atlanta, GA called Miss Cherry who is now featured on the VH1 reality show for female rappers. It premiered last night. Please don't watch it, i caught about 10 minutes and it's dumb and boring and dang Khia ("My Neck my Back") is on it tryna rap...oooooooooooh dread! Anyway this girl Miss Cherry, has a big mouth oh...and she just had T-Pain's baby. Ooooh she got pregnant with the sex which means she doesn't care about her life (nor does he his). STD's people! Sex is not worth it. By the way her figure looks good for such a task. Anywayz...T-Pain's wife (they have 4 kids together) JUST found out about this baby out of their marriage that was born last year. Ouch. Most recently Miss Cherry and T-Pain were spotted together lookin' real cozy like. Double GULP! Dang Teddy. Dang. Okay lemme stop talking about this doo doo mess before i bring such negative vibes my way. I'm just praying for the families involved now at this point. But once again...GULP!!!

This whole thing is all wrong...but not surprising. I swear i am going to marry a smart, Godly (for real Godly) very hideously ugly, broke, kind dude with morals or i aint doin' it at all! Giggle...kidding...well he won't be ugly (or too too broke...we shall have to travel to Paris every winter dears...lol!), but he may have a slight limp. ;)

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