Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Rolls-Royce presents, "The Luxury Lounge" with celebrity guests

Jazze Pha and "Free"
Raz B
Kal Cauthen
The event location

I just think pics of Marilyn are so hot!
Since it was a Rolls Royce luxury event and all...
Yes massages (and drinks, tip your bartender please...) on the house. Now when Rolls Royce has an event they do it right!

Last Thursday Rolls-Royce presented, "The Luxury Lounge" at Artefacto high end furniture store on Peachtree Rd. with celebrity guests:

Jazze Pha (fizzle fizzle sholl likes to party & causes quite the stir with the ladies no joke. Mmmm hmmmm.)
Q of 112 (cop that new album, "Real Talk" dropping this summer ladies!)
Brian from Jagged Edge ("Ey where's the party at?!")
Raz B of B2K (The ex boy-bander seemed rather melancholy that evening but he's a nice guy and is moving to Atlanta soon. Right now he tells me he is doing investments.)
Kal Cauthen of new television thriller "Atlanta Homicide".

It really was a luxury event and i was because I came through later on a whim I really under-dressed. But I didn't care because being fabulous sometimes is simply a state of mind. And that night my mind was right!

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