Friday, April 4, 2008

Vanessa & Angela Simmons of Pastry & Run's House exclusive interview!

Vanessa and Angela, flawless fashion femmes dressed in true Pastry fashion!

I zoomed into the lobby of The Four Seasons trying to make smooth of the mess of hair that I had inherited after doing a marathon up the stairs. I was trying to catch the girls before their next appointment. The Simmons girls were (are) only in Atlanta for two days and have places to go and people to see (they are hosting a party at the Compound club tonight)! Dang, I left all of my questions in the car in the rush! Oh well. Okay so what would they be like? They seemed cool on "reality" TV but maybe they were really super Hollywood in person or possibly rushed and bored? Who knew! But when the doors opened my partner Shem and myself walked into the interview with clear minds and renewed confidence. Because you know confidence is everything.

First impression: These sisters are svelte and more gorgeous in person than on television. Honestly the pictures here can do no justice to how stylish and glamazon these young ladies are. And then i learned these two may be in the throes of Hollywood but they are NOT Hollywood.

Vanessa and Angela Simmons have a full life. These 2 business savvy women under the age of 25 have got it all: money, power, loving family, great friends, fame, beauty but most importantly a strong connection with God. The spirituality that they so boldly share with others is probably what gives them the humility that is within them. This humility says, "I know I have all of these things because of God.".
With moral fiber these ladies manage: business, philanthropy, television AND enterprise. You want to know how they do it? Interested to know what their future plans are with their shoe line Pastry? Is the enchanting Vanessa still doing television or did she give it up after, "The Guiding Light"? What about, "Angela's Run Down" the hip hop magazine the more fiery sister started not too long ago? Is baby girl Miley easy going? And how do they have time for special men in their lives (Angela is dating skater Terry Kennedy) with all of this going on??!! Well needless to say I remembered all of my questions in my heart (God is good) and got the scoop from the girls on all the above and more in the interview here.

I've got to say that not only are these girls creative (the different shoe styles are cute cute cute!), young and successful but with that they are an oasis of positivity. The twosome take their job seriously as influential role models who give back. It is good to see beauty in Hollywood that is far greater than skin deep. My prediction is that this clever team will be around for a long time. Check out their website! There is much more love and success from them to come!

Thanks to Sheena Neal for letting Shem & I know the schedule. And a special thanks to the marketing director over at Pastry, Tonia Heath for your kindness. We will be seeing you in your market soon. Everyone else, enjoy the interview! (To hear just audio click on the links and to see the video interview use the youtube player above. If you subscribe to these posts via feed or email please log onto to view. Thanks!)

Shown above, Pastry Glam Pie collection (Raspberry lowtop). The girls were highlighting Glam Pie on their visit. See the video interview above for more!

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  1. I am a fan of Run's House and seeing Vanessa and Angela's dream take off for pastries and seeing them do there thing is incredible. Maven you did an incredible job with the interview. I like the way you gave them new names that was cute. You are definitely entertaining the public as well as myself with the "JUICE" Keep up the good work!

  2. You're welcome! Like I said, "It's all media love, baby!" Thanks for asking the girls all the right questions and I can't wait for the next season of Run's House. Those two ladies are really coming into their own.

  3. I like those two and after reading your interview, I like them even more. They look awesome in those pictures!


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