Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Blaque is BACK!

Blaque in the House (preview). If you receive this post by email or feed please log onto to view video. Thanks!

After the interview last week with Marlon Campbell (director/screenwriter of "Oblivious") I watched the preview for "Blaque in the House" on Youtube. Akbar Cojoe (who along with Mr.Campbell is an executive producer for the new reality show) had told me that on the first day of posting the video it had over 4000 hits. Well seeing is believing and so I came, I saw and put faith in the success of the up and coming show. These girls seem to be not only group of cute girls but fun, sassy, talented girls who could be your next best friend. I've seen them out and about months ago and more recently (and they look exactly the same!) and wondered if they were on the scene due to a new album. Well they were and are. Look for this show to hit the airwaves in the late spring/early summer. I am a reality TV nut so i will be watching!


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