Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hot 107.9 and AG Entertainment Presents: Hot on the Runway with Ashanti, Mario and lover boy '07-'08, Ray-J!

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Well if 30's the new 20, then Thursday's the new Friday because this Thursday is going to be a busy one for entertainment seekers!

The line up:
1. Estelle@ 2pm meet and greet at Atlantic Records (downtown ATL)
2. Luckie Lounge Event@7 pm hosted by Mario and Lala
3. John Legend and Estelle (his new artist that sings, "American Boy") concert at Sugarhill (Underground ATL)
4. John Legend and Estelle meet and greet@10 pm at Sa Bor Lounge (downtown ATL)
5. Hot on the Runway fashion show (hip hop meets fashion- been done by why not do it again!) at The Compound (downtown ATL) with Mario (pullin' double duty) Ashanti and Ray-J. Yeah I dubbed him lover man of today since it seems these crazy chicks now are so obsessed with his wee weee. BOOOOOOOO! Shallow interests suck.
If you are going to be in the bed then I don't blame you but if you will be painting the town fuchsia then have at it with so much to do!! Choose two! Whatever you do have fun and be safe. Don't go crazy just because you see a celeb (or his best friend's cousin's bodyguard's flunky) with money ladies...PLEASSSSSSSSSE! Dang. LOL!
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