Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Terrence J (106 & Park) celebrated his Birthday at Love Nightclub in DC this past friday AND rape scandal for Lisa Raye and her wayward husband

My oh my is that Circoc Vodka we are so gleefully (drunkenly) swiggin' on Terrance??!! Hmmmm...?

Terrence J (who puts the corn in cobb and the corn in corny) celebrated his birthday at Love Nightclub in DC this past friday. He has another big party scheduled in NYC where he is posing as prince Hakeem from Coming to America. Apparently there will be royal robes, seating and all. LOL. Anyway at this DC party, Big Tigga, Ludacris, Angel Lola Luv and NBA Baller Steve Francis was seen in the building. No Rocsi. (above pictures from NecoleBitchie.com) Speaking of 106 & Park, there is a brand new rape rumor going around about the young female vj involving Turks & Caicos prime minister, Micheal Misick (i've always had a baaaaaaaaaad feeling about that negro), LisaRaye's husband of course. Lisa is so fabulous and rape is dirty! Hmmmm...I hope it's not true. Reports are saying if it's not Rocsi that got raped then it's Gabrielle Union, Nicole Murphy (Eddie's ex wife) Adrienne Bailon (The Cheatah Girls) or Lisa Raye (?!!). So either he took it from someone or he got it freely from someone and now they are screaming rape. Some are saying LisaRaye herself may have set him up because she is bitter from his philandering ways. Either way Misick sux! Oooooh dirty scandal.

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  1. Damn Misick you should know by now to keep yo hands off of OPP. Stealing the booty is not the business. Buy some booty but don't steal it. I am really not understanding why you feel a need to go outside of your marriage being that you have a bad wife. She is gorgeous. Nasty Misick! Just nasty!


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