Wednesday, April 2, 2008

It's a marriage license for Bey and Jay

Bey and Jay....hugging! Wow. And i looooooooooooove that saphire jay is rocking.

It's a marriage license for Bey and Jay. And honestly every other blog and they momma's blog is writing about this so it's kinda old news. But the real reason i post this news is for this picture I found on a blog. This is the first time i've EVER seen the hip-hop couple hugging or looking like they are an item. Now we all know they are and looks can be deceiving so how a couple "looks" doesn't always tell the true story. Still i haven't seen hugs, kisses, hand holding or anything between the two. So I just thought this was nice photo to post.

But the story is according to the twosome got their marriage license, valid for 60 days only, in New York the other day. Woopdee doo! Maybe they will elope. I would if i were them. Who knows...but congrats to them because they have stayed together through lots of public bashing. One thing...I just hope the babies look like her. But even if they don't (gasp!) at least they are both very smart, talented and business astute people. Lucky kid that'll be! Hmmm....i'm thinkin'....I'm a lil older than Bey but do you think that should stop me from tryna get them to adopt me. I'm good and can clean up after myself!

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  1. Woooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooo go Bey and Jay take that next step and seal the deal. I say 6 yrs. of dating is long enough. Please use alot of birth control. I am just saying I know you know brotha is not the cutest on the block. But if you happen to get knocked up just pray very hard everyday that he or she will look like you Bey.


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