Friday, April 25, 2008

Ludacris Foundation Celebrity Charity Event at Ralph Lauren

Luda, Rahan Ali (radio's Hot 107.9 has been stepping out all over the A lately!), Ciara and Chaka
Fergie (in Atlanta recording with producer, Polow Da Don) , Luda, and Ciara (doesn't she look incredible?!!)
Chingy (niiiiiiiice), ?, Rich Boy (where you been boi?!), Richy Rich (WTH?!)

Ludacris who just opened up his new swanky restaurant, Straits in Midtown Atlanta earlier this week, held a classy wine and mingle charity event at the beautiful Lenox location of Ralph Lauren for his charity, The Ludacris Foundation. The charity's motto is, "Helping kids help themselves". It's so awesome to see Chris give his time and money to children. The festivity encouraged guests to buy items from the popular top of the line store thus giving 15% of the proceeds to the foundation.

If you receive this post via email or feed log onto to view the video of Ludacris and others at the Ludacris Foundation event last night. Thanks!

I snooped out the Ralph Lauren location hours before the mini gala was held and it was quite lovely. Everyone was in the store fixing things, dusting and smiling. Once it was time for the actual event I could not stay long. I am still in school and had a dang mid-term exam! Woooh hooo for education!

Anyway enjoy the pics and video above from SOHH blogger, Gyant. Your man is always on the scene! Check out that link for more.

I'm going to have a review on Luda's new restaurant, Straits next month so watch out for that. I'm proud of ya man. He's doing me proud. :)

Thank you Katena Keno for the info and invite!

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  1. ...AND he's got the bomb charity! i'm gonna marry luda!

  2. Nice event. Good look for Luda. :)

  3. Good for Luda and DTP. Luda is lookin' real good...hmmm.
    Ciara did look pretty. I bet bow wow is doo dooing in his shorts now!
    LOL at fergie tryna hang wit tha black in crowd.

  4. Go Chris Bridges!!! Hahaa! I didn't know he was so involved in his charity like that. Cool. I like Ralph Lauren gear too. I should have been at Lenox mall! Thanks for the info.


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