Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Britney hit Atlanta over the weekend to "get away"

I know she's NOT pregnant anymore...but i really like this pic

Britney decided to come here to Atlanta to get away from the stress of Los Angeles for a while over this past weekend. While flitting around in HOT LANTA she did a little shopping at store Juicy Couture in one of the nicest Atlanta malls, Phipps Plaza. Her trip into the fashionable store was no more than 20 minutes and her spending was not something to really gasp about. And I'm not gonna tell you how much she spent or what she brought because that seems silly and pointless. She did pick up a couple items though, just like you or I do when we shop.

She was nice to everyone, actually, "very sweet" as one saleswoman tells People.com, and most people were nice to her. she wore dark glasses and dark hair to match. A sorta disguise but not really. But because people really weren't looking for her she remained pretty unnoticed during her stay...exactly as she wished.

Maye she actually got a little rest.

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