Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Usher and Tameka (Foster) Get REmarried

The R&B crooner and his publicly despised wife, Tameka Foster first tied the knot on August 3rd this year making Tameka no longer a Foster anymore. But the ceremony was very small and privately held in his attorney's office in Atlanta, GA. His mother was in attendance despite rumors that Usher's mother and Tameka were enemies or that he fired his mother because of his relationship with Tameka. A few weeks later Usher decides to do it right and remarry his pregnant bride in a lavish French Chateau outside of Atlanta this past weekend. The nuptials included 200 guests to celebrate the couple's union. The newlywed's baby is due in November. This will be a first for Usher and a fourth for Tameka who has three from her previous marriage.

The first wedding was called off due to pregnancy complications. The second wedding was private. And the third wedding was a party! Will it work out for them? Only God, them and time will tell. Despite all the hate mail that Tameka has been getting from the world about her, I'm glad that Usher married who he wanted to marry. Who one marries is their choice and has to be lived by the person making those vows. Some things may seem perfect and they fall apart because they were built with only romantic or lustful "feelings" and no substance while others that are built strong even with outsiders attacking them can outlast the test of all the glitz and glamour of this industry. I respect him for making a grown man decision. Maybe this woman is down for him like no other and vice versa. We don't see everything that goes on bad or good. But I believe that Usher has come a long way. If he likes it...I love it!

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