Friday, September 14, 2007

Ludacris' "real" woman says HE is not dating Gabrielle Union

OMG! This morning on the top rated R&B/Hip-Hop radio station, V-103 in Atlanta there was some dirt flying! Frank Ski and Wanda own the air waves with their morning show where Ms. Sophia does her gossip minutes called, "Girl Talk", an entertainment report where she/he tells the listeners what's going on in the industry for better or for worse. Well let me tell you that the new dating rumor is linking Ludacris and Gabrielle Union together as an item. This rumor most likely came from Ludacris' birthday bash that just took place in Vegas last weekend during the MTV VMA weekend. Luda and the recent divorcee Ms. Union were seen together in several pictures looking pretty chummy (I posted some pictures and footage from his birthday bash on this blog a couple of days ago). I mean she's hot, he's smokin' so people automatically assume that they are dating or hell at least doing the horizontal love dance, right? It's Hollywood, it happens, people do it with each other all the time, or are fickle with their dating life. It's a understandable assumption. Well let me tell you that a woman by the name of J. Courtney (not on google) called after Ms./Mr. Sophia made the announcement pissed off. She started telling Soso and Wanda Smith off by letting them know that she should not be reporting this news since it wasn't true. She said she is an "actress" and that she did not want the whole city of Atlanta to be spreading this rumor and think that it was true when it wasn't! When asked how long the two have been dating by the crew J told them, "For a year on and off but for 6 months exclusively." At first the conversation was easy but after the woman's fuming at the announcement and the messengers of it, Wanda and Morning Show Producer, Nina Brown threw it right back to her by saying that, "This is the entertainment industry so you should know how these things 'rumors' go." and, "We are only reading news that's on the entertainment wire." as well as, "Why are you calling with an attitude??!!". Wanda even asked the obviously perturbed woman, "Does Luda know you two are dating??!!" The woman said yes and Wanda tells her, "Then call him then cuz I don't believe you!" The rest of the crew is cracking up laughing by this point. They think that the lady is over reacting and not going about the "false" news the wrong way. The woman claims she is not angry but her tone tells the truth, she's MAD! Frank hasn't said much at all at this point. The woman did say hi to Frank and he politely said hello back but that was it. Wanda challenged J by asking her if she was on his arm in Vegas for the b-day bash and before she could get an answer from this mystery dater she had hung up! Was Ms. Courtney in Vegas or not? We don't know. After all is said and done Frank then speaks up and defends Luda by telling the ladies of the show that they started something and he could have told them that Luda and Gabrielle are not an item.

I guess J. Courtney has told all of her friends she's dating Luda and does not want to be embarrassed. Here's the thing, in this industry there are many things said about everybody. Some true, some half true, some false. The bottom line is this...if you are to date a celebrity then expect to go through a bit of a roller-coaster. I'm not saying that they all will cheat on you or that all your business will always be in the street but these things do take place depending on who you are dating, their character, and how they handle things. It takes a very confident and independent woman with her own life to date a super star and the same with a man dating a woman in the spotlight. The best thing this woman could have done to handle the situation was to take this up with her man and talk to him about it. Then after she got confirmation she shouldn't have entertained the rumor any longer but let him handle it and went on with her business and her man. It made her seem emotional, immature and insecure. But hey that's how she felt in the moment so who can really say she is wrong if we are not in her shoes. I can't tell her that she is 100% wrong or crazy. I do however think a little more discretion should have been shown. Luda doesn't even want all his business out there like that. The woman herself mentioned that they were keeping some things under wraps! So why did she freak out?!! Keeping a relationships private in the business is common for protection and even wise many times until you are married. And then when you are married you still keep some things under wraps. People love to destroy what you have so don't tell them what you have. Keep it closed like Bey and Jay-Z. Anyway at this point I wonder if Luda cares or not?! He might know his "girl" is a loose cannon and loves that about her. So we'll see if Ludacris entertains this and handles his business or blows it off. Either one is fine. Some things you have to ignore.

I of course had to find out more information so I called Ms. Sophia a few minutes ago and asked her if Luda had called yet to dispel any such rumors and I was told no. She agreed that the woman shouldn't have called so upset. Soso also said that the woman was a heifer and probably a stripper because she claimed to be an actress, unknown. Soso herself dismissed the call by saying she/he was dating Luda. "Luda don't know that heifer honey...I'm dating Luda!" Ms. Sophia stated in laughter to show how incredulous it was. Funny.

Whatever the truth is I hope J calms down. I understand she is upset and wants to defend her relationship but dang! It's not yet marriage. Hopefully one day it will be since she digs the sexy rapper so much. This is embarrassing. If they are dating, which could be true, I have one thing to say, "Luda come get ya girl!"

1. How would you have handled this??

P.S. Gabrielle Union has been linked to members of Grand Hustle, Chris Brown and now Ludacris since leaving her football playing ex-husband. At least she keeps it in the industry. She's got a I won't share too much about. But I will tell you I was told some things vividly about her (and Meagan Good) from some of the members of an established rap group here in the A. True or not?? Who knows...but mmmmm. Gabby better watch herself...unless she just doesn't care what people say, which is always good medicine. She knows what is true. Enough said.

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  1. Hahahaha! Damn J. Courtney! This is so bold, I hope she didn't think anybody was going to take her serious or shall I say cerale! LOL! Come on now who are you J. Courtney. She has no celeb statis and Luda is apparently keeping his relationship with you underwraps. What's really good yo? Girl stop! Why wasn't there no pictures of you and "your man" in Vegas at his Birthday Bash! Oh something is a little fishy here!


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