Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Maya Angelou at Hillside Chapel & Truth Center in Atlanta, GA this past Sunday

The AMAZING Maya over the years...
There's alot happening in Atlanta. See there! Celebrities have been rolling in and out of here this past weekend including gracious and wise poet, Maya Angelou. The writer was a speaker at Hillside Chapel & Truth Center, which is run by Dr. Barbara L. King (Reverend). The Truth Center is a spiritual mind, body and soul center that has different powerful speakers come in, workshops, wellness centers, etc. This coming Saturday Rev. Iyanla Vanzant, author and former life coach will be speaking. If anyone is interested to find out more about Hillside Chapel here it is!:

2450 Cascade Road, SW
Atlanta, GA, 30311
Phone: 404-758-6811

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  1. Maya Angelou is by far an inspiration to all mankind. I would have loved to hear her speak. I am down for the healing of the spiritual mind, body, soul.


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