Friday, September 14, 2007

K. Fed flirting with Colin's left overs....?

Pictures from website.

I know that sounded mean...I don't really mean that this girl is a scally wag or anything brutal like that...I just thought the title was jarring or at least a bit clever...ok catchy a little??!! Oh well never mind that. Additionally I don't really consider K. Fed himself outside of Britney to be much news but since others may like to know I keep it up for the subscribers. Side something here about K. Fed if you think he's newsworthy...i will remind you to do at the end.

So Kevin Federline was seen partying like a rock star (rich only off of his rich/troubled exes money...punk jerk!) Thursday night. He was seen at L.A. club Vice hanging out with Colin Farrell's ex (and former sex-tape partner- didn't know Colin had one too. guess i'm late!) Nicole Narain at Financially Hung's Black Card Party. The what??!! Ok Miesha just report the anyway according to a source who gave the info to People Magazine, the two were gyrating on the dance floor and lil miss Narain was clearly giving Kevin advances. But gosh how you do you from Colin to Kevin. Is there an attraction with the sound of K or C in the beginning of the name?? I suppose they both seem to like partying and have a rep of being scrubby looking bad boys, but Colin is a very attractive scrubby and he's got a wonderful accent! Yee haw! Well Nicole's advances didn't get her too far because after their dancing K. Fed thanked the sex kitten and went on his way. Maybe she was trying to pre-cash in on that new daddy fortune he's about to inherit from his divorce battle from Brit. He just left court with her yesterday actually. Well not to be outdone too quickly, Nicole meets up with Kevin later at Opera (arriving separately) at about 1 a.m. and chilled out there during the night. Joined by Kevin and Nicole at Opera were some REAL celebrities, Leonardo Dicaprio sharing a table with Entourage stars Kevin Connolly and Kevin Dillon. But the trio didn't stay too too late and left the club dashing the dreams of hopeful baby momma hanger oner/groupies who surrounded their table in the waste. Hahaaaa! Get a life girls!
Anyway I'm glad Shar Jackson and Brit are free...well kinda cuz they have the kids but kids are a blessing.


  1. I must say that Kevin Federline is a bomb in real life yo! What the hell how in the world can he have a good conscience about himself. He is a industry hoe or shall I say industry leech! Get a life!

  2. yeah, who cares! next!


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