Monday, September 10, 2007

Kanye or 50?

The rivals have come out against each other on radio, in magazine articles and certainly in the privacy of their own personal audiences. Who is going to sell more albums? Will it be Kanye West or 50 "Curtis Jackson" Cent? Kanye gave listeners a dose of his upcoming record with the upbeat rock-like"Stronger" and the clever "Can't tell me nothing" that spins a personal tale of reality while 50 tantalized flirts with "Amusement Park" a similar-ish tune to his more popular club hit Candy Shop last year, had people laughing with "Straight to the Bank", and finally put the club back on jump with, "I get money". I love that song, it's new but it feels old and familiar, it's hot. Well I guess we will all see tomorrow. My vote is on Kanye for content alone. If you think differently let it be known. After the first week of sales I'll report the results here.

The media has played it out as a jokie joke...But really who's gonna come out on top of sales?
The boys of the fall presenting together at the MTV VMA's Sunday September 9th

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