Friday, September 7, 2007

It's good to have Oprah as a political support

This Saturday it's going down at Oprah Winfrey's Montecito, California estate. And ya know what?? You are NOT invited. Well unless you have $2,300 to donate to the campaign that is. The Super Duper, "da da da da da daaaaaaaaaaa" Barack Obama PARTY! The $2,300 ticket entry fee is THE max you can get in primary giving per person. Some celebrities who are not even attending are going to donate to the campaign! If Barack didn't know yet, he knows now, it's good to be a friend of Oprah. Now i gotta figure out some diabolical plan to make us as close as sisters. Who knows maybe I'll learn how to train dogs to bark in Spanish and do the tango and become a guest on her show.

So the Oprah Obama party will be attended by Stevie Wonder and gospel singer BeBe Winans who will perform. A sample of invited guests include, Will Smith, John Travolta, Jamie Foxx and the newly with child (as they said back in the olden days) Halle Berry. That sounds like a lot of O's favorite people. She's only missing Tom Cruise or Alicia Keys or that really cute, single (I have suspicions about that) designer, decorator guy (dang his name is on the tip of my tounge...Nate or something, maybe) she keeps inviting back to her show.

The word is that O and O got to bonding (in a platonic way people!) in 2005 during a flight from Chicago to Houston to visit folks displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Ok, Ok. Neat.

According to Newsweek Magazine, one of Oprah’s closest friends, producer Quincy Jones, will not attend the affair because he is hosting a similar fund raiser for Obama’s Democratic rival Hillary Clinton at the home of Magic Johnson on Sept. 14. Wow! But Mr. Jones, while building up how incredible the party is going to be said, "There is no competition here". I think he meant that in a, "It's all good" way. Dang Q, a shindig for Hil C? He always did love white women. Calm down folk, just kidding. True YES, but kidding.
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