Thursday, September 27, 2007

Pictures from Tip, Weezy & Jeezy's bday bash at Atlanta warehouse last night!

Man Tip loves that girl! He's the only one in the crew wit his gurl...and he's proud too
Shawty to Shawty

Tiny's red lip stick is hot!

That's real fly BUT typical. They should have done an 8732 cake broadcasting Jeezy's new clothing line

Yeah uh Weezy decided to NOT go with the whole 1920's party theme there. Oh well.
Kelly makes Tip blush...ultra glam look for Kell...pretty.

Ooooh! Guess whose hand didn't let go of that entire bottle of Petron the whole evening...? Answer soon...
Nice! But is one of those Weezy's cake?? Hey! Well if not then for Weezy they should have done a cake that looked like some black lips with a diamond grille shining from the middle!

and the answer is...Yung Jeeeezyyyyyy! "Jezzy like to drink, Jezzy likes to smoke, Jeezy like to mix Arm & Hammer with his coke..." (it's a song of his yall) Ha haaa!
CTE represent!
Mac B!
So Fresh N So Clean

Dro always knows how to dress the occasion.

One is Dapper, the other is chilling but both Libra men are in party mode.

Xstacy minus one
Looks like a scene straight out of a movie
D. Woods (Making the Band's Danity Kane) came out to play...

A.K. is ballin' tonight

Alphamega...i swear dat boi is craZee. Look at him? He's real loose...but you gotta have fun when you are around him...well maybe. It depends on the person.

Big Kuntry bottle poppin'

The party was strictly PRIVATE and invite/rsvp only. But still the house or should I say warehouse was packed like a can full of sardines! It was fun but dang it was hot up in nere with all those folks dancing, talking, taking pics, drinking no DRANKING (cuz it was an open bar maaaaaaaaan! but i was good! yeeeeaaaah!) and having a good time...well doesn't it look fun? I can vouch, the bash was incredible! The celeb party-a-thon was thrown by high end event planning company Music Business Politics,, Hannah and Laura know how to do it. Other glossy parties they have planned before include the likes of Usher and Beyonce to name a couple. The before and after genius or creating a venue to be ready for a party can only be done by master minds of their crafts and this was nothing short of a master event. Both ladies support Atlanta record labels, Hannah at Grand Hustle and Laura at Sho Nuff.

The theme of the party of 1920/30/40's. Real hot. I gave you most of the details in the post i wrote about this earlier so now...just feast thine eyes on a sight to behold...a tale of three southern rappers...and their party AND after party!

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  1. Can you say partae! Man, I had a blast up in this piece. I am so glad I got to participate in the festivities. Big thanks to the Maven for hooking a sista UP! I want to personally say Tip you really know how to do the damn thang! "Drinks on the King" I got my drank on for sho! Hannah and Laura big shot out to you for doing an amazing job with the venure. You guys really made this party happened.


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