Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Damn Trick Daddy! Damn Damn Damn!

"Open up and let the Sunshine in...get you a glass mix the Coke and the Hen..." I lovedED that song when it came out. What has been going on with Trick DaddyO? He should be happily mixing drinks and coming up with slick rhymes...not fighting in strip clubs yo! But aww hell on Tuesday in Miami Trick Daddy was watching "tricks" (ok i'm not hating on scrippers i know they are really "dancers". For real that is their business.) when a punk A** trick dude must've spilled TD's drink and he got to fighting or as the story says, in a "scuffle". I like that word. It puts in my vivid imagination a couple of drunk folk pullin' on each other strugglin' to get the other one down but not really doin' any damage...kinda like trashy Tommy Lee and Kid Rock's scuffle (haha!) at the VMA's. What did Pamela Anderson see in them...oh yeah we are talking about Pamela Anderson, oh well I digress.

The rapper, Maurice Young, was detained from the strip club (Tootsie’s Cabaret). Miami's News 7 cameras were of course on the scene and captured footage of TD being wheeled into Jackson Memorial Hospital on a stretcher with minor cuts on his face. Sounds less like a "scuffle" and more like a RUMBLE if the man was on a stretcher. But maybe he was too drunk or inebriated (trying to sound sophisticated there) to walk. Shoot fighting makes you tired anyway. He probably GLADY laid down after he got nowhere with the resisting. I wonder if TD got his booty wooped? Anyway authorities (a.k.a. The Po Po) have charged the rapper with resisting arrest and disorderly intoxication. The bond is set at $1,500 for his release. I don't know if Trick Daddy happenings are really considered news but hey I thought it was a little giggle so why not include it.

I guess you are never too old to bust somebody in the head huh?? For real though he's gonna be aight. He just needs to calm down. Dude musta been trying to date his stripper girlfriend I guess.

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