Friday, September 7, 2007

A Bishop Fallen, The story on Thomas Weeks

Bishop Thomas Weeks and wife Juanita Bynum were having marital issues. But nobody would have known. Publicly they were a strong, sound, towering, epitome of a Christian couple. The kind you look at and shake your head at yourself feeling shame cuz you can't seem to stop bickering at your own spouse or significant other. Appearances can be false. Lies are sometimes in smiles. The light will always reveal the hidden dark and this truth was revealed when Weeks beat Bynum down outside of a hotel parking lot that he and his wife were having a confrontation at. Allegedly he was seeing some other woman and his wife started ranting at him after chasing him down in that hotel parking lot. I don't know if that is the full or true story, I've heard different things. But the end result and fact is that the Bishop tripped and started to pound on his wife. Reportedly the fighting was so bad that a hotel staff member had to stop the abuse by pulling the good ol' bishop off of his woman. Just like any other couple, or any other woman or man they had fallen. Humans are fallible, Christlike or not but the public would like to think that the ones that are preaching would be the least likely to have such explosive rage or issues. But if things are not dealt with correctly or ignored for a long time in any relationship or one's own life then even a "Christian" and again HUMAN couple or individual will make some ill and later regretted choices.
Well, it's been 2 weeks since the shocking parking lot smack down and Bishop Weeks released a public statement regarding his mishaps.
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In the statement, he said he forgives his wife and wishes her the best and that he didn't make a statement about the situation earlier because he believed it to be a private matter. Bishop Weeks cautioned others from passing judgment because "there are two sides to every story" and offered his sincerest apology to Christians and Global Destiny Church members. "Because of the method in which this was handled just hours following the situation, it has not only hurt me, but has damaged the reputation of Christians around the world. It is for this reason that I continue to trust in God while the storm would try to engulf me. Finally, I'm asking every Christian to pray that God's will be done," he wrote.
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All right now Bishop. Just get it together. Who knows what is in store for him and his wife but I wish them the very best for them and their marriage or the demise of it if that is what's decided.

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