Monday, September 3, 2007

Another Diddy White party was "Legendary"

The Ghost of White Party past ('06 snapshot)

Another Diddy White party. Another Diddy party that the "simpletons" were not invited why not read about it here???!!!

Every annum (that's year people) without fail, Sean "Diddy" Combs throws the biggest white party that the entertainment industry knows. Usually per recent tradition the much coveted party is thrown in St. Tropez. But Diddy put a little lemon twist on it this 2007 (the only 2007) and threw it at his Long Island home in the East Hampton's, New York, still hot. But the location change was the only tradition broken at this party because the white attire was still strictly enforced. Hence the title, WHITE Party. But that didn't stop Billy Joel's wife, Katie Lee who tried to sneak in with cream on (OMG!! Did she not know??? The nerve!) and was made to change. Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids, you can't come to a WHITE party and try to stand out (especially over the host) in defiant disobedience and trickery in another color, or specifically in sly cream!! Tsk Tsk Shame Shame on Katie Lee. Little deviant. But alas she's forgiven, maybe she is not yet "Hollywood Royalty" and this is her first one.

Combs, the party pooper, I mean thrower host man said, "This party is up there with the top three that I've thrown...It's a party that has legendary status. It's hard to throw a party that lives up to its legend." Blah blah blah. Of course he'd say that dammit. Ok I'm not jealous really.

The red carpet was replaced by a white carpet (oh the dirt!) to match with the white diggs worn and the Diddy man himself wore white sneakers with silver detail, white shirt, white pants, and a gold medallion, he can do that. Among the invited guests or stars who flanked the big event were busty Mariah Carey, chunky Busta Rhymes, old Donna Karan, toothpick Ashley Olsen, surgical Star Jones and "sex" star Tommy Lee. Diddy has been busy throwing extravaganzas. Last week he threw the Sean Jean apparel party launching his underwear and loungewear clothing line at Light nightclub at the Bellagio hotel and casino in Las Vegas. Diddy even tried his hand on the DJ table and helped him spin for a while.

I myself went to a white party recently, and wore peach. And I was so wrong for that. But I'm glad that in the non Hollywood attitude of the world you can do little shifty things like that (Katie Lee is my new Idol...) and still look amazing in another color!


  1. Okay can I confess I hate wearing white. I would have pulled a Katie Lee but to stay in Diddy's good grace I would have made an exception. I would not want to miss his extravaganza. Diddy knows how to party! Can you imagine his face when they didn't approve his party being thrown at the St.Tropez priceless!! Bad Boy this, Bad Boy that, NOT!!

  2. Hahahaaa! U r 2 funnie light eyes. I like the color white BUT it's WAY too much trouble to dress up in it from head to toe for a dang party...pass. I am the proud unoffical NON hollywooder.


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