Friday, September 7, 2007

Who is So Fresh and So Clean? Kanye Tidda!

What must it be like to be named, International Man of the Year ?? Is it like being Austin Powers baby??!! Hmmm hmm?!! Well Kanye-Z knows because in their annual shindig, GQ Mag dubbed the "College Dropout" genius, emotional, arrogant, lyricist with that titled crown earlier this week in a London ceremony. Makes sense for the self proclaimed, Luis Vuitton Don. By the By, click on the picture here of Kanye to enlarge it...ladies I tell you, this small pic here on the blog don't give ya boy no justice but when you enlarge that sucka...oooh wee. Yes he looks NICEEEEEEEE! Jay-Z, who is the president of the label where Kanye (not KANE my friend) raps, received this same honor in 2005. But Kanye don't call Jay-Z "daddy"! He is his own man and has earned this award. You have to be a TRUE stylin' man to get this honor. At the ceremony, actress Rosario Dawson presented KW with his award at London’s Royal Opera House. Other honorees included actor Michael Caine who received the Lifetime Achievement award, and singer James Blunt, who picked up Solo Artist of the Year. The 2007 extravagant affair marks ten years that the explosive and respected style magazine has named the biggest and most influential stars of fashion and popular culture.

50 cent equals a fire poppin' club banging album. My Chi-Town homie Kanye West equals an intellectual, thought provoking, fun album. The New York Beast 50 makes me wanna dance and be cute, Kanye makes me wanna write deep stuff while still being cute. When you listen to either one of them after they say something mean or profound you say, "Ooohhh!". Both are hot tempered and controversial. Very exciting. They are actually on the cover and in a current article of Rolling Stone Magazine. Check it out! But with Kanye getting this one up recent spot light with GQ I gotta say...Haha! Take that 50! We'll see who's really "Laughing Straight to the Bank" on September 11th when both of yall albums drop. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! Dang I wanna laugh straight to the bank too though. Ok, enough said.

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