Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mirror Mirror on the television who is the best dressed celeb of all?

In People Magazine's 2007 double issue of best/worst dressed in Hollywood I notice a trend. It seems that certain celeb's gone fashion designers made the top of the list. Coincidence...or not? I don't know- who cares but these actresses/singers/designers made the list in the women's category for best dressed: Beyonce (powerhouse) , Jennifer Lopez (untouchable), and Reese Witherspoon (lovable), Designing Women. Also topping the ladies snazzy dresser category were Penelope Cruz (so charming and illicit), Drew Barrymore (huh??), Gwen Stephani (original and daring), Ali Larter, Jessica Biel (the American dream that men want to own) Cameron Diaz (she's aight...) and Katie Holmes (classic).

Now for the men received praise for their sytle: George Clooney, Brad Pit (uh huh), Terrance Howard (smooth), Johnny Depp (messy but bcz he's SO fine it don't matter) and David Beckham (go Becks!). Not to be outdone by her ball kicking hubby, Victoria Beckham is on a special list for the Brits for her daring or different and bold fashion choices.

It's all about couples who look good together and of course, Brad and Angie got that licked. The famous couple leads other famous duo's, Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale and Tony Parker and Eva Longoria. All undeniably adorable I must agree.

Sienna Miller and Avril Lavine got a naughty nod for making a horrible fashion choice or two (Sienna for the black leggings and Avril for the frilly dress with combat boots, aww hell.) but even with those clothing mishaps they were safe from the unrelenting title of the World's Worst Dresser! That deadly title went to Eva Green. Ouch! Her friends must not love her.

This favorite yearly issue of People hits newsstands Friday! Pick it up!

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