Monday, September 17, 2007

Favortism in the NFL??!! Bill Belichick's fine verdict

Oh Bill...!

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So Eric Mangini (former assistant under Bill Belichick) busts the spy games of New England patriots 10 year NFL coach Bill Belichick with his own top secret surveillance. Damn! During the fifth game day showdown between the two coaches the Sunday before last, the Shiiiiiiii hit the fan.

Well after presenting the incriminating evidence before Commissioner Roger Goodell the NFL "jury" has made it's decision. A fine. Bill Belichick gets a lousy $500,000 (team gets a $250,000) fine for his mishandled and unprofessional coaching efforts for the 3 peat (in 4 years) Superbowl winning NFL super star team he leads. This after a statement was made that video taping such action was not allowed. In pure defiance and mock arrogance Belichick and his crew continued to ignorantly break all the rules and do the opposite!

This raises questions:

1. Is there favoritism in the NFL between the black and white race?
2. Is there a different standard between players and coaches when it comes to rules or conduct?
3. Why is is fair for Belichick to get only a fine (yes it is very costly but the man is rich!) but Vick (Mike) and Jones (Pacman) get suspended and endless amount of bad press for their failings.
4. What in HELL did Commissioner Goodell mean when he said it is his job to "Protect the Integrity of the NFL"?? Isn't this a colossal example with Belichick of one contaminating and rudely defiling the integrity of the NFL and the games??!! What, are these two friends or something? Dang. Hello Commish!
5. Are the NE Patriots past wins (including the super bowl) truly valid?? How long has this really been going on?
6. Did all the NE players know of this foul play? Should they all be fined alike?

I see that with Vick and Jones they did something outside of the NFL and their game playing gets affected. Yes what these men were involved with was wrong and at least questionable but why does a coach, a leader who is trusted inside the game do something to directly affect the game, pay some money and then still get to coach the game without missing a beat? I know that he will have his own personal consequences to wallow in but it still seems unfair. Is his fine comparable to Vick's fine for shooting a bird into the crowd last season at booing fans when he messed up a play? I wonder what the thinking is here with this one/decesion.


  1. Ok as a sports fanatic i have to say that Belichick got what he deserved. Suspension is not needed. There is a clause for players in their contracts for their behaviors. This current punishment for Bill makes sense. Plus he got the MAX fine.

  2. I heard about the clause in the contracts for the players. I understand he got the max fine too. Maybe there should be some revisions.


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