Friday, September 14, 2007

Prince is my secret lover...and other stories (he pursues a legal battle against web pirates)

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*There's a new sheriff in town, and the digital maverick is on Prince's payroll. The reclusive rock star has hired Web Sheriff, a British-based company that specializes in policing the Web for pirated content, to launch a legal campaign against YouTube, EBay, and The Pirate Bay, companies that he alleges wrongfully profit from the use of his work, according to John Giacobbi, Web Sheriff's president.
The artist plans to file suit in both the United States and the U.K., and has hired a top Swedish law firm to take up his cause against the viral Internet hotspots. Prince has chosen a legal course because sites like YouTube and eBay have left him no recourse in protecting his copyright on their sites, according to Giacobbi.
"Prince initially hired Web Sheriff to patrol the Web for illegal uses of his material, and then to send "take-down notices" to sites when they found illegal usage," Giacobbi said. "But sending written notices had little impact. In the past couple of weeks, we have removed about 2,000 infringing clips from YouTube. We get them down and the next day, there are 100 or 200 more. Their business model is built on making money off other people's creative work."
The companies under fire contend that they do their part in acting expediently on illegal useage of copyrighted material and are protected by a safe harbor in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

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I LOVE the battle baby, win it! He's so smart and weird and never ages...sigh..."I wanna be your lover..." LOL! Oh shoot you don't think he'll sue me for writing in line to his song do you?!! Uh oh...

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