Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Forget about's all about Paris with 50 cent!

What happens in Vegas does NOT stay in Vegas! Are these two a happy couple or a party convienience hook up?

The Two flirting at a party in May 2006

It's the MTV VMA weekend right? So everybody is drunk and in high spirits so what else do you expect out of our beloved horny-ball celebs??
Ok ok, I know it's "Vegas BABY" but damn 50...Paris??!! Awwww Maaaaaaaaaaan!!

Story from
Paris Hilton and 50 Cent were spotted canoodling in Las Vegas.
The rapper made his move on the hotel heiress at the launch party for his new album Curtis at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino on Saturday night.
A source said: "50 played a few songs and then made straight for Paris. She was laughing and unashamedly flirting and couldn't keep her hands of him. He nuzzled up to her and they cuddled."
The couple have been romantically linked once before when Paris, 26, was said to have spent the night with the 31-year-old hip-hop star at last year's Cannes Film Festival.
The Simple Life star has previously confessed to having a crush on 50.
She said: "He's so cool. He's really funny and he's so cute too, and I love his music. I think he would be the best boyfriend a girl could wish for!"
In return, 50 gave Paris a mention in his track Turn Da Lights Off telling her to call him up for a date.
Last week, Paris revealed she has set herself a deadline to be married and pregnant by next year.
End story from
Well I used to think that dude looked like a guerrilla man and chick looked like a bird dog (think chiwawa with blonde hair and wings) and you know what...i still do so these two should be happy together. Whatever.


  1. Not trying to put 50 business on the streets but you know he and any other man won't discriminate being with a freak! We all know that Paris Hilton is famous for her Porn Tape. What happens in Vegas will get out!

  2. Hahaa! yeah girl! Paris...ewww! I thought she was a good girl now cuz of going to Jail.

  3. I like Paris...yes i do!

  4. Yes lighteyes...a man will do what a man gotta do!

  5. Ha Ha!!! Lighteyes is tellin' it right...?!!!


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